Social Media + Customer Service. Do It Better Than Your Competitors.

IT, Communication has changed the landscape how we communicate with brands,companies,customer care. This change affects our shopping behavior as well.  e-mail support with up to 48 hours response time, listen to hold music sometimes entire artist album while waiting to be put through to a customer service agent. Does this sounds familiar?

With smartphone platforms still on a steep rise, the consumer is instantly engaged, vocal and willing publicly about their last shopping or customer service experience.
So what can  brands,companies do more to meet the increasing and demanding customer/potential customer expectations.
Answer to this question is challenging for many companies out there. Specially if they don’t have a strategy on how their customer support can be optimized. When it comes to social media, its a question on how brave they are, to take the next step within customer support.
So, what are the tips that can be adopted by companies to enhance their social customer service, helping to deal with an increasingly more demanding consumer base.

Respond to your consumers questions efficiently:
Company that has the ability to quickly identify and differentiate marketing chatter from complaints will be able to separate the signal from the noise, thus protecting marketing value. Therefore, having a team responsible for social marketing—and a distinct team dedicated to customer care—will result in a more efficient scaling of social customer service internally.

We read about how to turn happy customers into brand advocates, but what about the unhappy ones? There’s no point in investing time and effort into a brand advocacy program to motivate your current customers to speak on your behalf when you still have issues with your customer service or products that need resolving. Of course, for any company, there is always a chance that things go wrong that are out of their control, but how they deal with them can make the difference between a marketing nightmare and a golden opportunity to treat our dissatisfied customers with respect and turn them into some of our most outspoken brand ambassadors.
Listen to what people are talking about your brand, services, competitors – their services and products. Don’t limit your listening only on social. Go wider: news,blogs,forums reviews.
Of course this part can be covered if you have the right listening tool-module incorporated in your social media management platform. as a SMM tool that covers all aspects of social media management in one.
If consumers are speaking about your brand publicly, take advantage of this information and feed it back to the necessary departments. Understand the public perception. Perception = brand.
Just a short example: Back in 2010 Gap had to revert back to its original logo after a re-design resulted in a plethora of backlash from its Twitter and Facebook users.
Get an overview of Falcon’s new Listening presented by Falcon Social Customer Success team
Get valuable analytics/reports:
Try to add new new metrics and  evaluate social media strategies in terms of audience-building, brand awareness, and customer relations.
Find a social media management services that can help eliminate confusion and improve daily workflows. Customizable reports on cross networks is valuable to evaluate the general social media landscape that your company is present on. Spending less time building reports is essential when it comes to extracting valuable data.Of course there are exceptions to the move away from ROI. Some social commerce applications and direct response campaigns will achieve measurable results on Facebook, or other social networks. And the end of the ROI-fever definitely doesn’t mean that all metrics can be thrown out the window.
Can you read people? Can you find a way to turn the negative into a positive? Can you communicate in a way that brings calm to a tense situation? Can you make people laugh while not at the expense of others? Are you patient and apologetic, or do you have a quick temper? Social media first and foremost requires people skills.

Social media is used by a broad age range, but each group uses and reacts to it differently.Understand the needs and feed interesting content. One of the best ways to acquire or hone these personality skills on social media is to personally use social media yourself.

Why? Because you need to know what it feels like to be involved in the different networks and learn the unwritten “rules” each has. You’ll quickly learn what bad social media and what creative social media looks like. You’ll see what kinds of content you connect to, and what kind isn’t personable at all.

If you have team with this people skills, can speak to different generations, and can create with confidence as the situation demands, you have a great foundation for effective social media team.


Training and education

Training and education of your social media management team is quite important parts of a successful social strategy. The world of social media is in constant flux. In a competitive market, don’t risk looking out of touch or behind the times with the latest trends. Keep up with functionality, layout, or features of your social networks so you don’t slip back after initial progress.

Make sure to get training from the provider, when purchasing a social media management tool.

Good luck with, your social media efforts. If you have questions you can always contact me via LinkedIn, twitter or e-mail.

By: Berkant Kamilov

Social Media Business Advisor at #falconsocial ,

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