Anatomy of the New High Performer

Employees Who Are:
Immune toChange.
Willing to Collaborate.
Able to Apply Sound Judgment Thrive, but They Are Scarce in Today’s Volatile Work Environment.

ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — CEB (NYSE: CEB), the leading member-based advisory company, has released its annual Executive Guidance, which identifies the critical competencies employees must embody to thrive as high performers in today’s volatile work environment. These employees are
immune to paralyzing complexities of change, willing to collaborate with a
broad range of individuals and able to apply sound judgment in an increasingly knowledge-based role.

CEB found that high performers are scarce in the current workforce and most employees lack the ideal mix of skills and competencies to achieve their employers’ desired outcomes.

“Employees today have more ambiguous objectives and are working with larger groups of stakeholders, making both flexibility and the ability to collaborate’must-have’ competencies for companies seeking higher levels of performance,” said Conrad Schmidt, global research officer, CEB. “Important business decisions are also being made lower in the organization, putting an even higher premium on good judgment. Building the next generation of high-performers will require organizations to cultivate these skills within their employee base and to be keenly aware of the dramatic shifts occurring in today’s work environment.”

CEB analyzed the drivers and performance of more than 20,000 employees across more than 40 organizations globally and identified 10 competencies that, when exhibited together, set high performers apart from their co-workers:

1. Ability to Prioritize
2. Works well in teams
3. Organizational Awareness
4. Effective Problem Solving
5. Self-Awareness
6. Proactivity
7. Ability to Influence
8. Effective Decision Making
9. Learning Agility
10. Technical savvy



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