By Berkant Kamilov

Development of digital channels within social media is rapidly taking ahead with giant steps .This development brings a big challenge to professional marketers out there.

Trends to keep an eye on:

1. Mature Market:

According to social semantic report, that is covering developed countries business life. Approximately 50 % of the companies have at least 1-to 2 years’ of experience in using social media channels professionally. Saying this, now it’s not the question of being out there, it’s about how they can optimize their effort, create a real meaning & engagement. That’s dont forget important part, measure how much social media is giving extra value & KPIs to our brand/company.

2. Traffic from mobile:

Approximately 60 % of the traffic to Facebook comes from mobile and the trend will definitely increase in future. This should be an “eye opener” for professional Facebook marketers and users.

At the present users have no access to content that is placed in diverse applications and they can neither see the classical advertisements, that we are used to see on the right side page on Facebook. This creates a need to focus to deliver quality content to users in news field as well as increase higher reach with promoted posts and advertisement forms as sponsored stories.

mobile active users facebook

3. More focus on EdgeRank:

More users are well known with Facebook’s algorithm on distributing content that comes from peoples news feeds. It is not sure that end users can see all your updates. Algorithm called EdgeRank is under heavy debate lately. Facebook have changed the algorithm and as an end result some of the pages experienced decrease of view on some updates. This caused a new swarm of “ begging for likes” on Facebook, where brands try to lure users to engage in all ways. You know them quite well: Facebook updates that contain “Like this if….” Or post that contain only pictures that gives higher and better reach.

Facebook is changing algorithm continuously, because of this few good advices would be helpful to keep your page up to date: Create a content that is interesting and engaging for your target group, be up to date all time with changes and test what works best for you.

Great place to keep you updated is http://edgerankchecker.com/blog/

4. It is OK to moderate:

We have for sure experienced quite ugly cases, where diverse companies are beaten/criticized on Facebook. Some more extremely than others. This results as taking the debate to a different direction including rough, crude language, personal verbal attack, non-relevant information … That’s why it’s OK to moderate the update or just delete it.

As Facebook page owner you should remember that the post should be in accordance with Facebooks community standards.

5. Data:

90 % of worlds data is created in last 2 years – thanks to for example; social media & location based services as Foursquare, that holds an eye on what we do, where we go, when we do & with whom we are. This is opening a oceans of possibility for marketers, but for others can act as ”over the edge – big brother monitoring”. This results in explosion of data but at the same time involves huge responsibility – demand of data processing & how we act on this data and measurements in general.

6. Quality measurements:

When Is The Data Good Enough? Fortunately we are becoming better and better in measurement, highlighting data that gives meaning. We are still experiencing that companies are investing in monitoring systems and measure the things that system is capable of. I would call it “limited measurement channel”

Now we are experiencing that companies are becoming more intelligent and looking for smarter ways of monitoring. But before we start involving in social media as a company, we need to ask ourselves following:

  • What is the purpose of our presence?
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • Who do we want to involve?

These initial processes are giving a more concrete fundament to reach success. This will give us more relevant measurements on traffic, newsletter sign ups, comments or conversions.

7.) LinkedIn is IN:

LinkedIn is experiencing a gigantic growth and the reasons are well known. LinkedIn is a perfect platform for companies/ organizations to build a credibility user platform with minimal junk. “Pure Business “. LinkedIn company pages are in focus now and quick search on company pages – shows that it has never been more users searching for information’s as nowdays Google trends.

Users 2011-12

8.) Involving employees:

Trend that we can clearly identify in 2012-2013 is engagement of employees through social media channels. Large number of companies could see the potential of getting their employees more engaged in using social media, such as : sharing company content, news, white papers, helping in network recruitment process… At the same time sales and meeting booking through LinkedIn network has become a focus area. More and more employees are going through courses to get more out of social media potential.

You can read an interesting article from Ryan Holmes, CEO at HootSuite That is encouraging companies to invest and pay emloyees to use social media. Read here:

Aricle by Berkant Kamilov – www.bizznewsnow.com

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