Is Social Recruiting the next HR s painsolver?

In today’s world of serial applicants, recruiters are having trouble finding top talent.

Most recruitment processes are costly and ineffective. Hiring managers are bogged down by unqualified applicants and an excess of resumes. In fact, Bradford Smart, president of the recruiting firm Smart & Associates, says that only 25% of hires are considered top performers.

Worldwide, companies spend an estimated $120 billion per year on recruiting. The Novo Group’s 2012 HR and Recruiting Trends Survey reported that 78% of HR leaders naming the search for top talent as their number one challenge. But if all of this money and effort results in only one in four top performers, there has to be a better way.

Social recruiting could be the answer. By reaching out to passive talent on industry sites where they are already active, recruiters can attract candidates who might not otherwise apply. The infographic below, compiled by RemarkableHire, a talent-sourcing platform that uses social evidence to help recruiters and hiring managers find and evaluate the best job candidates, explores the ways social media can help reach passive talent and offer recruiters a better candidate pool.


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